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Who We Are

Jewellery is an extension of ourselves. It tells vivid stories about us to the world. It draws whispers of awe from friends, looks of longing from relatives and a feeling of pride from within.

We at TC Gold Jewellers & Manufacturers believe that just like the human soul, jewellery that embraces it too must be pure.

We have ventured far and wide across the country in search of the best goldsmiths in the country. Today, we are proud to be associated with some of the finest master craftsmen in India. Result today we create the finest jewelry you can buy.

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We Craft Beautiful
Attractive Jewelry for Your
Special Occasions

TC GOLD Jewellery& Manufacturers is a luxury experience for a modern woman. We design Indian fine jewelry that is worn and not stored in the bank safe. Our natural diamond and gemstone jewelry pieces are versatile and handmade by expert artisans from all over India.

Rare Collections

Carefully Crafted

TC Gold Jewelers has a broad selection of classic and contemporary style jewelry designs. Master craftsmen from all over India, with sound expertise and skills in jewelry making and designing are responsible for producing the intricate designs that TC Gold Jewelers is famous for.

Its Time to Turn
from Princess to Queen

Purity crafted for royalty. The purity of a thousand springs; the lustre of a million moons and beauty inspired by royalty - every piece of jewellery has a story to tell.